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All the products we create will bring value

We has a strong R&D team to focus on the leadership of the new trend with the application of light

Yes, dimming (0-100%) is available when using a PWM controller. All our products can be dimmed using 0-10V, DMX512 and Dali system.

Our RGB lighting fixtures can be controlled by 3-channel PWM controllers, and it accepts DMX512 control signal as well.

The protocol of our RGB pixel lighting fixtures is SPI/TTL, it can be controlled by any SPI controllers that compatible with UCS2903(RGB)/USC2904(RGBW) IC. A DMX/Artnet-SPI decoder is required for DMX512/Artnet controllers.

The RGB/RGBW series have ability to change colors, but all the LEDs change to the same color at once, can't be changed by each section.

The RGB/RGBW pixel series have a control chip (IC) built into each cutting unit and they can have their color individually controlled independent of each other.

There are 01 and 02 marks on light body and connector. Since the PCB is not centralized and pins aa 
are separated for positive and negative, the 01-pin connector can only fit into 01 end marked on

light body and likewise for 02-pin connector, please see below drawings for more details.

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