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Dome Surface

Dome lighting surface "enlarged" the lighting surface. Colorful PVC jacket make it perfectly match with the installation environment. Dome lighting surface serious is widely used in entertainment, signage, and Landscape lighting fields.
F21 is an architectural grade LED Neon with high lumen output up to 380lm per meter, its built in constant current circuit board keeps even illumination without voltage drop. The domed shape with 320 degree beam angle makes it more suitable for surface mounted installation.

It is available in
single color, RGB, pixel addressable, dynamic white and RGBW, colorful PVC jacket is optional. Ideal for facade lighting, signage lighting and stage lighting.
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F11 is a typical domed LED Neon with even illumination, its 10mm PCB with low drive current circuit board make it much more reliable than other similar products in this market. It has domed light surface with 320 degree beam angle.
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