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Product Application by Location

Clear LED neon ribbon light are installed on both sides and the bottom of the escalators. The escalators are outlined by the bright ribbons and become striking in the shopping mall, together with other lights in the mall, all of which make the shopping center looks comfortable and spacious.And we know it very well that different light color will make one same building or surrounding look so different.light color will make one same building or surround ing look so different.light color will make one same

Facade Lighting

Application in Facade lighting perfectly tells the strengths of LED neon flex. You can easily bend the light to make it adapt with the building facade, or shape it to any streamline design to achieve desired artistic lighting effect. Seamless connector ensures the integrality and continuity of a lighting solution, and low voltage makes it safer for large area installation. Pixels addressable products can generate advanced chasing and programmable scenes and complete animated visual effects.

Contour Lighting

Like a soft brush, LED neon flex and Flexible LED strip light can be bended freely to realize the requirement of contour lighting. Different bending direction and long continuous length makes the “drawing” more vivid, and various of lighting color mode offers reach and even dynamic pigment for the “drawing”.

Cove Lighting

LED neon flex fits the needs of cove lighting perfectly. No matter to depict artistic lines, or hide in grooves to wash the cove, CLEAR’s products will accomplish the mission to create the right atmosphere via standard color temperature, and superior color uniformity.


CLEAR paid great efforts in improving the light mixing effect, to make the neon flex really “neon” (lightspot invisible). Strict lighting source selecting method ensures the high light uniformity and keeps the finished products’ color temperature in global standard. These made our LED neon flex products realized amazing effect in backlight field.

Swimming Pool/Fountain

It's a fabulous magic when the light meet the water, and thousands of combination will enlighten thousands sparkles. IP68 waterproof enable the LED neon flex to be installed in circumstance of swimming pool or fountain. Flexible light body and long continuous length brings more possibility of design (Not for underwater installation not deeper than 1 meter).

Car Wash

What a creative idea to transmit signals through different colors of LED neon flex! The door arch or railing in car wash area are designed to a super cool signal board. What’s more, this brings the inspiration that the signal light can be integrated to any shape and places by application of LED neon flex.


Low voltage makes it safer to use LED neon flex in areas where person flows is large. To outline the escalator or lift, or illuminate the space inside a lift, we can even image a synchronous change between the light and moving of escalator/lift by using of special controlling system.


Lighting on the steps/stair not only heighten the atmosphere, but also realize the function of illumination at night. The structure of LED neon flex and special designed accessories & profiles make it can be embedded into the step or hidden under the groove, to draw the outline or wash the horizontal/vertical surface of the step.

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