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Profiles (Fixtures)

Variety of profiles are designed for different installation circumstance. Suitable profiles will play a role of protection and make the beauty of light fully displayed.
· Can be Bent Horizontally and Vertically
· Keep Stable Flexible Shape, Ideal for Curved Installation

For Lighting Fixture | F11   F15   F21   F22
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· Unique Design, Allow Light Emitting from Side
· Enhanced Design on Basis of Plastic Profile

For Lighting Fixture | F10   F11   F15   F21   F22   F23    F16
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· Thin and Neat, Easy for Transportation and Installation
· Corrosion Resistant
· White/Transparent and Custom Color Available

For Lighting Fixture | F10   F11   F15   F21   F22   F16
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· Robust, Sleek and Dependable
· Interior Spring Clips to Hold Long Length Lighting Fixture with Heavy Weight
· Spring Clips can be Relocated or Added According to Conditions
· Suitable for Almost All Kinds of Installation

For Lighting Fixture | F10   F11   F15   F21   F22
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· Thin, Light and Inexpensive
· Easy for Installation and Uninstallation

For Lighting Fixture | F10   F11   F15   F21   F22   F16
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